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    Kodai Tourist Places
  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Bryant Park
  • Coaker's Walk
  • Chettiar park
  • Upper Lake View
  • Silver Cascade
  • Bear Shola
  • Thalaiyar Falls (or Rat Tail Falls near Dum Dum rock)
  • Pambar Falls - Levinge (Pambar) Stream
  • Moir Point
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Solar Astrophysical Observatory
  • 40 Miles Rounded Trekking route
  • Kukkal caves
  • Devil's Kitchen ('Guna Caves')
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Green Valley View ('Suicide Point')
  • Berijam Lake
  • Dolphin's Nose
  • Vembadi Peak
  • Palani Hills National Park
  • Shenbaganur Museum (Flora & Fauna Museum)
  • Dolmen Circle
  • Telescope Houses
  • Kodaikanal Club
  • Kodaikanal International School
  • The Kodaikanal Public School
  • Lutheran Church
  • Kodaikanal Boat Club

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  • Trekking Routes - Kodaikanal

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com
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    The Perumal Peak

    It Is A Place Frequented By Adventure Lovers. Trekkers Climb The Mountains From This Point.

    Kodaikanal-Dolphin's Nose-Vallagavi-Kmakkarai (8-Km/5 Mile) - It Takes 5 To 6 Hours. The Return Trip Would Be Very Rough And The Hiking Needs Strong Physique. Kodai-Thopi Thokki Parai-Periyar Periyakulam - Roughly A 5 Hours And 19-Km/12 Mile Trek, Includes Steep Rise And One Can Have A Glimpse Of Guar. Coffee Plantations Are In Abundance. Kodai-Vilpatty-Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope-Palani - A 6 Hours Trek Of 16-Km/10 Mile Distance, Takes You To Vilpatty Village And From There, A Zig-Zag Steep Path Runs Along The River Palar. Elephants May Cross. Be Alert. Kukkal-Kudiraiyar Dam - A Difficult 13-Km/8 Mile Long Trek Route Takes 5 Hours For A Trained Trekker. Water Falls, Shola And Deciduous Forests Will Arouse Interest. It Is Advisable To Have A Guide. Pallangi-Poruthalur Dam -A 5-Hour Trek Covering 14-Km/9 Mile Runs Through Sholas, Teak Forests And Plantations. It Is Advisable To Have A Guide.

    Kodaikanal-Batlagundu (55 Km): Law's Ghat Road.

    Perumalmalai - Palamalai (8Km) - Thalayar (1.5 Hours) - Manjalar (2.5 Hours)-Devadanappatti (6 Km).
    Shembaganur - Korappur-AdukKm(3 Hours) - Selumbathope (120 Minis.) - Kmakkarai - Periyakulam (10 Km).
    Shembaganur - Vengayapparai (Coolie Or Telegraph Path); A.G.Bourne's "Kodaikanal Ghat" (4 Hours)-Kmakkarai - Periyakulam (10Km)
    Kodaikanal - Dolphin's Nose-Vellagevi-Vengayapparai (Left Of Vellagavi) (300 Minis.)-Kmakkarai-Periakulam(10 Km)
    Kodaikanal - Dolphin's Nose-Vellagevi-Kmakkarai (Right Of Vellagavi) (300 Minis.)-Kmakkarai-Periakulam (10 Km)
    Kodaikanal - Green Hut (12Km) (Along The Ridge For 30 Mtrs) - Down To Chinnur-Periakulam (300 Minis.)
    Kodaikanal - Thoppithookkipparai (Near Berijam) (16Km) - Periyur (3 Hours) - Sothupparai - Periyakulam (10 Km).
    Kodaikanal - Karthirikkai Odei (40Km) - Sinna Sothupparai - Athirikkarappankoil - Oral Muthu - Valasal Aaru - Bodinayakanur (6 Hours).
    Kodaikanal - Berijam (23 Km) - Konalar (5 Km) - Sebastian Odei (3 Km) - Marion Shola (2Km) - Karthirikkai Odei (1 Km) - Kmippalam (3 Km) - Pulavachiar (5 Km) - Vandaravu (10 Km) - Top Station (10 Km) - Central Station (2 Hours)
    Kurangani (Bottom Station) 3 Hours - Bodinayakanur (17 Km).
    Kodaikanal - Mannavanur (35 Km) - Keelanavayal (90 Minis.) - Manjampatty (3 Hours) - Thalinji (2 Hours) - Champaked ( 90 Mins.)-Chinnoor (5 Km) - Udamalpet (32 Km) - Palani (37 Km).
    Kodaikanal - Paricombai (27 Km) - Kukkal (8 Km) - Kuthirayar-Pappanpatty-Kavalapatty (7 Hours) - Palani (23 Km.)
    Kodaikanal - Puthur (43 Km) - Bonthampally (24 Mins.) - Kavalppatty (9Km) - A-Kalaiamputhur (9Km) - Palani (5 Km.)
    Kodaikanal - Pallanghi (10 Km) - Thalamalai - Porandalar-Palani.
    Kodaikanal - Vilpatty (8 Km) - Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope (4 Hours) - Palani (13 Km)
    Kodaikanal - Perumalmalai (13 Km) - Pethupparai (6 Km) Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope (4 Hours) - Palani (13 Km).
    Kodaikanal - Perumalmalai-Palani Ghat Road (60 Km).
    Kodaikanal - Thandigudi (40 Km) - K.C.Patty (20 Km) - Asarippatty - Bethelpuram-Parappalar-Thalayoothu - Viruppachi.
    Kodaikanal - Thandigudi (40 Km) - K.C.Patty (20 Km) Pachalur (10 Km) - Oddanchatram (31 Km).
    Kodaikanal - Thandigudi (40 Km) - Adalur (15 Km) - Panrimalai (4Km) - Alagumalai (5 Km) - Puducombai (14 Km) - Karisalpatty (7 Km) - Vattapparai (4 Km) - Melpatty (2 Km) - Anandarayamkottai - Pithalapatty (2 Km) - Dindigul (7 Km)
    Kodaikanal - Thandigudi (40 Km) - Thadiankudisai (10 Km) - Batlagundu (33 Km.)

    Trekking Routes In Kodaikanal

    1. Periyakulam ? AdukKm Kodaikanal (Toughest ) Start From The Bus Stand Of Periyakulam; Follow The Road To Take A Diversion The Right To Follow The AdukKmRoad. You Will Be Seeing Mango Groves Before Entering The Reserved Forest. Continue Trekking Along The Path Which Is Of Very Gentle Slope. On Your Right Roaring River Chezhunghu Flows Down. Cross The River-Silk Cotton Trees And Coffee Plantations Welcome You. Climb Up Through A Mixed Deciduous Forest By Following A Zia-Zag Path, Fairly Steep, Reach AdukKmVillage ? Cross It Climb Up To The Ridge - Very Steep - Toughest. On Your Right Is Palamalai Estate. Follow The Earthen Road. Grass Land, Savannah Forest, You Will Be Seeing. Reach Batlagundu ? Kodaikanal Road. Get Into A Bus. Alight At Kodaikanal.

    Trekking Distance : 18 Km. Bus 14Km Trekking Time : About 7 Hours 2. Periyakulam ? Kmakarai ? Shenbaganur ? Kodaikanal (Fairly Difficult) As Said In Route (1) Trek Through Karattur Village And Follow Periyakulam ? Kmakarai Road To Reach Kmakarai Falls On Pambar River. Take A Bath . Spend Some Time. Come Back On The Same Path A Little And Follow The Zia-Zig Bridle Path Leading To Shenbaganur. This Is The Old Coolies Ghat Road Which Was Used When The Bus Route Was Not Formed And Slope Is 1/5 To 1/10. Mile Stones On The Path, Will Direct You. Trek Through Deciduous Forest ? Later You See Cardamom Cultivation Under Semi ? Evergreen And Ever Green Forest Continue Trekking, You See Vertical Cliffs, Hear The Sound Of Rippling River Pambar. How Many Variety Of Birds You Could See ? Reach Shenbgagnur- See The Museum Of Sacred Arts College ? Follow Concrete Path Viewing Ukatthe Nagar And Mother Therasa University. Reach Bus Stand Through Munjikal.

    Trekking Distance : 27 Km Trekking Time : 7 Hours.

    3. Kmakarai- Vellagavi- Kodaikanal This Is The Main Path, The Villages Of Vellagavi Follow. From Kmakarai Falls, Trek Along The West By Following The Path, Join The Earthern Road Along The River Vannathi Odai. Deciduous Forests, You Will Be Seeing. Look For Sign Boards Remembering You The "Kurinji Patti", An Old Tamil Literature, Written About 2000 Years Ago; Some Of The Flowers Out Of 99 Mentioned In The Literature Have Been Named. Earthern Road Ends And Follow Foot Path. The Terrain Is Gentle Till You Cross The River. Then Fairly Steep. On Your Right. You Can Hear The Noise Of Rolling Waters Of Vellagavi. Cross The Most Deciduous Forest- Coffee Plantations ? Reach Vellagavi Village, The Oldest Village Even Before Kodaikanal Was Formed. You Find Paved Streets. Have A View From Murugan Temple. Follow The Bridle Path Through Cardamom Plantations To Kodaikanal. Wild Boar You Can See. Pockets Of Sholas, Extensive Meadows, Savannahs Occur. Reach Dolphins Nose, A Rock Perch ? Spend Few Minutes ? Trek ? Meadows Can See ? Pear Plantations ? Hear The Thundering Noice Of Pambar. Follow The Road To Pambar Bridge And Then To Church; Have An Aerial View Over The Plains And The Route You Have Trekked. Follow The Road Through T. V. Tower, Coaker?S Walk To Bus Stand.

    Trekking Distance : 8 Km Trekking Time : 5 Hours.

    4. Palani- VilanKmai R.F. ? Ganguvar Odai (Toughest) Vilpatti ? Kodaikanal From Palani, Take A Bus Leading To Kodaikanal And Get Down At The Foot Hills. Take Along The Earthern Road On Your Right. You Reach A Pipeline, Passing Through The R.F Go Along With Pipe Line, Reach The Bridle Path With Mile Stones, Leading To Kodaikanal. Down Below Is Palar- Porundalur Deciduous Forest You Will Crossing, In A Zig - Zag Path, Which Is Along With The River Palar (Kallar) And Very Steep. Bampo Brakes You Have To Cross, Be Careful. Reach Ganguvar Odai Forest Bungalow. View The Raising Landscape On East, South And West Climb Up Through Vegetable Gardens To Vilpatti, Cross It. Trek To Over Come A Short Distance Through Forest To Reach Glen Falls. Spend Some Time. Walk Along The Road Viewing Presentation Convent, One Of The Oldest School In Kodaikanal, Lake And Reach The Bus Stand.

    Trekking Distance :16Km Trekking Time : 6 ? Hours 5. Kodaikanal ? Berijam (Easy Walk ) From Bus Stand Go Along The Lake, Bryant Park, Bombay Shola To Suicide Point (Green Valley View Point). Have A View Over The Green Valley Below; Follow The Route To Pillar Rock Point. Have A View Of The Precipitous Mountain Ranges; Continue Trekking Along The Road; At The 10Th Km Have A Look Of Moir Point. Continue Trekking. Look For Old Forest Bungalow "Green Hut". It May Have Been Renovated Now. At 13Th Km. You Find The Wattle Powar With Little Sun Light Falling On The Ground. Moving Ahead You Will Find The Yellow Blossom The "Citisus" Broom. Nearby The Fire Watch Tower Has Been Erected. Climb Up And Have An Aerial View Over The Berijam Lake And Water Catchment Basin Of Many River. Proceed Further, You Reach "Mathikettan Shola" A Name Given, As If One Who Entered Into Shola May Lose His Way Back. Observe The Natures Gift-Variety Species, Rare And Threatening; Watch For Gaur, Come Out To Berijam Lake Sluce Point, Where Water Is Drawn For Periyakulam Town. Follow Road To Reach Berijam. Forest Rest House Is Available For Shelter.

    Trekking Distance : 23 Km.

    Trekking Time: 5 Hours.

    6. Berijam To Marianshola (Easy Walk ) Start From Forest Rest House Go To Sluce Point Of The Lake And Follow The Old Bridle Path That Leads To Marianshola. You Find Shoals Alternating With Grasslands, Vertical Cliffs, Are Common . If You Are Lucky Enough You Can See Lbex And Barking Deer Also; Wild Boar And Gaur Will Be Common . At Marianshola Old Forest Bungalow Is Available For Shelter.

    Trekking Distance : 12 Km Trekking Time : 4 Hours. 7. Marianshola To Vandaravu ( Fairly Difficult) Continue In The Old Bridle Path, Same Meadows, Pockets Of Shoals. You Can See The Bodi Varai, A Vertical Cliff And Bodinaickanur Town, Down Below. Ibex Peak, Ibex Cliff Are Formed By Forest Department; Reach The Kodaikanal ? Munnar Ghat Road The Highest Motorable Road South Of Himalayas ? Altitude Is 8229? ? Turn Towards Kodaikanal And Trek For About 2 Km You See A Forest Road Leading To Kilavarai; Within A Km Forest Labour Lines Are Available For Shelter. Beware Of Panther.

    Trekking Distance : 14 Km Trekking Time : 4 Hours.

    8. Vandaravu To Kilavarai, Kavunji (Easy Walk) In The Same Forest Road You Can Proceed Further. Higher Jevel Meadows, Naturally Occurring Pine Forests You Can See. On Your Left It Is Kerala; Gaur, Wild Cat Wild Boar Panthar Will Be Common. Trek Along The Inter State Border Which Follow Water Shed Line. After About 6 Km The Road Turns Right Going Down Towards Kilavarai. Road Ends At The Forest Boundary; March Through Patta Lands To Reach Kilavarai Village. Trek Another 6 KmAlong The Road To Kavunji And Get A Bus To Kodaikanal.

    Trekking Distance : 17 Km Trekking Time : 4 Hours.

    9.Marianshola - Pulavachiar - Kilavarai - Kavunji (Easy Walk ) From Marianshola Through One Approach Road Join Berijam ? Munnar Road. Follow The Road To Pulavachiar. At About 40Th Km From Kodaikanal, A Forest Road Leads To Kilavarai. Shoals,Grasslands, Eucalyptus Wattle Plantations / Are Alternating. Be Careful About Gaur Vellaiyan, A Waterfalls Of 52? Height Is A Picnic Spot. Follow The Road To Kilavarai Enjoy The Higher Attitude Meadows. How Many Trout Fish Could You Catch ? Trekking Distance : 20 Km Trekking Time : 5 Hours.

    10. Berijam ? Kavunji (Easy Walk ) Start At Berijam Forest Rest House, Follow Mannavanur Road Upto 2 Km. Then Take The Old Bridle Path. Meadow Wattle, Pine, Eucalyptus Plantations Are Alternating. River Konalar With Trout Fish And Pine Plantations On The Banks Will Relieve Your Tired Eyes.

    Trekking Distance : 12 Km Trekking Time : 3 Hours.

    11. Perumalmalai ? Perumalmalai Peak (Easy Walk) From Kodaikanal Take A Bus -Alight At Perumalmalai Village. Follow The Perumalmalai Peak Road. Enjoy The Catchment Area Of Manjalar Dam. After 5 Km, You Find Shoal Forests. Follow The Road Rhododendron Welcomes You With Red Blossom; See The Efforts of Forest Department to Expand Shoal Forests. Follow Bridle Path; Reach The Peak Have The Panoramic View Of Lower, Palani And Upper Palani. You Are At 2234 Mtrs. Return In The Same Way.

    Up And Down Trekking Distance : 16 Km Trekking Time : 3 ? Hours.

    12. Kavunji - Kukkal (Fairly Difficult) From Kavunji Take A Footpath Leading To Mannavanur. From There An Old Footpath Leads to The Sheep Farm. Cross It and Reach the Kodaikanal Road. Follow The Road to Kukkal. En route, The Meadows of Sheep Farm is Pleasant. Near Kukkal You See the Caves Where Ancient Men Were Living. Deer Is Common.

    Trekking Distance : 12 Km Trekking Time : 4 Hours.

    13. Kukkal to Poombarai (Fairly Difficult) Proceed Towards Geranium Farm By Following The Road. Then Turn to Follow A Footpath To Poombarai. Waterfalls Of About 50' You Can See. Forest Rest House is Available For Shelter.

    Trekking Distance : 8 Km Trekking Time : 2 Hours.

    14. Poombarai to Kodaikanal (Easy Walk) Just Follow The Road. You May Have Several Short Cuts, At Road Curves, To Reduce The Trekking Distance. Gundar Pine Plantations Will Be Pleasant to Your Tired Eyes. See The Tank Bound That Stores Water For Kodaikanal, Near Observatory. Follow The Water Course. Fairy Falls in Pambar River Will Be Enchanting You.

    Trekking Distance : 14 Km Trekking Time : 3 Hours.

    15.Kukkal to Kudiraiyar Dam (Very Difficult) From Kukkal Follow Foot Path Leading To Pappampatti. After 3 Km. It Crosses The Kudiraiyar River And Goes Along The River. A Fall Of 90 Mts Will Be Refreshing You. The Way is Too Steep. Elephants Are Common. Take A Guide. You Will See The Sholas. Evergreen Forests. Deciduous Forests And Reach Kudiraiyar Dam Which Is Under Construction.

    Trekking Distance : 13 Km Trekking Time : About 5 Hours.

    16. Pallangi - Porundalur Dam (Toughest) Follow The Footpath Leading To Perumalai Through Planting Garden. The Way Will Be Steep. Continue To Trek Reach Thalamalai. Have A View Proceed Further to Reach The Dam Water Spread Area. Elephants Will Be Common. Take a Guide.

    Trekking Distance : 14 Km Trekking Time : About 5 Hours.

    17. Thoppithookkipparai Parai(Hats Off Point)- Periyur Periyakulam (Difficult) Near Hats Off Point At About 18Th Km. From Kodaikanal On Kodaikanal Berijam Road, A Footpath Leads To Periyur Village. From The Starting Point.You Can Have A Breath Taking View Of The Rolling Mountains, Catchment Area Of South Parai Reservoir. Follow The Foot Path Which Is Very Steep. Beware Of Gaur which Is Very Common In The Route. Vertical Cliffs Numerous. After 4 Km. Trekking. You Reach Periyur. A Hamlet Of Vellagavi Village . Continue To Trek Through The Coffee Plantations Deciduous Forest. Along Stream To Reach A Metalled Road . On Your Right, You Can See The Southparai Reservoir. Follow The Road To Periyakulam.

    Trekking Distance : 18 Km
    Trekking Time : About 5 Hours
    Tourists Are Required To Get Permission From The Forest Department To See The Forest Areas.

    For Further Details, Please Contact
    Government Of Tamilnadu,Tourist Office.
    Annasalai, Kodaikanal. PH; 04542- 241675
    Useful Addresses
    District Forest Officer,
    Kodaikanal Division,
    Kodaikanal .
    Phone : 04543-241287
    The Forest Range Officer,
    Periyakulam Range,
    (Kodaikanal Division)
    Periyakulam - 624501
    The Assistant Conservator Of Forests,
    Kodaikanal Division
    Kodaikanal. PH : 04543-241299
    The Forest Range Officer,
    Kodaikanal Range,
    Kodaikanal - 624101

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal Hill Resort India - Information brought to you by TripsGuru.com

    Kodaikanal of India - brought to you by TripsGuru.com
    Photo by : diamondrose_2006 in flickr
    Kodaikanal of India - brought to you by TripsGuru.com
    Photo by : W. Cooper in flickr

    Kodaikanal of India - brought to you by TripsGuru.com
    Photo by : by W. Cooper in flickr
    Kodaikanal of India - brought to you by TripsGuru.com
    Photo by : Rupak and Uma Sarkar in flickr

    Kodaikanal of India - brought to you by TripsGuru.com
    Photo by : ramji_malbari in webshots
    Zoos in India - brought to you by TripsGuru.com
    Photo by : devender_g in Webshots

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